Universe Mario
Debut Donkey Kong
Ring Name Mark E O
Billed From Italy
Company Nintendo
Character Stats (out of )
Weight Light Heavyweight
Walk Speed 70/100
Dash Speed 85/100
Signature and Finisher
Signature TBA
Finisher TBA
Tier Rank
Tier B (19)
Mario Portrait


Mario is the main protagonist in the Mario series and one of the fighters in Video Game All Star Fighting 2K16. Mario's design is based off from how he appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U while his moveset is more to jumping attacks and good ground attacks. His powerful advantage is his Diving Game which Mario has one of the highest air games in WWE2K16.

In the Mario SeriesEdit

Mario (マリオ, Mario) is the main character and protagonist of the long-running and highly successful Mario series. He was created by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and also serves as the main mascot of Nintendo. Mario made his first appearance as the protagonist of the arcade game Donkey Kong, released in 1981. Since Super Mario Bros., his trademark abilities have been his jumping and stomping powers, with which he defeats most of his enemies, and his ability to change size and gain powers with a plethora of items, such as the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower. Games have usually portrayed Mario as a silent character without a distinct personality (Fortune Street is a notable exception). According to Nintendo's philosophy, this allows Mario to fit in many different genres and roles. In most games, he is the hero that goes on an adventure to save Princess Peach from Bowser, but he has been shown doing other activities besides adventuring, such as racing and sporting with his younger brother and others.

In Video Game All Star Fighting 2K16Edit

Mario is considered the most all-around character on the roster. Due to this, beginners should consider using Mario as the start-up character when playing the game for the first time. Mario has a powerful off-the-rope game with his dives being so powerful. Mario's Finisher is also off the air since Mario actually has a powerful air attacks making him one of the best air game characters in the game. Mario also has a good combo game and a good grappling game. Mario also has a good dash attack which can follow up with a combo attack on opponents. Mario has good approach options with his grappling game and his dash game making him pretty good.

However, Mario has his flaws. Mario is Lightweight so he will suffer poorly on fighters who can outstrong him and can out-smart his air game. Mario also suffers abit on characters with a strong finisher. Even though Mario's attributies is all around, Mario can get easily hurt and will have trouble standing up if he is damaged too badly.

Mario's Attributies are better than the other WWE games in WWE2K16. Due in part because he has more finishers and can combo into them easily.


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