Video Game All Star Fighting 2K16 is a "CAW League" Fighting show in the upcomming WWE 2K16. Most of these characters are said to be brawlified to look to that similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. More details to come out when WWE2K16 is bought during christmas time. This game will also be on the Playstation 3.


After the complete failure of UCF back in 2013 and other shows that sucked in WWE's past games, WWE 2K16 is an upcomming game which will now feature a brand new show called "Video Game All Star Fighting 2K16".

Confirmed CharactersEdit

There will be a total of 60 characters in the game. However, there's a possible chance after 60 they're will be "Expansion" characters added in the game. Challenger Approaching Yang Challenger Approaching Sonic Challenger Approaching Ryu
Yang-character-over-1-update Sonic-character-over-1-update Ryu-character-over-1-update Goku-character-over-1 Baxter-character-over-1 Mario-character-over-1 Link-character-over-1 Mega Man-character-over-1

Reveal ProtraitsEdit

Mario Portrait
Link Portrait
Sonic Portrait
Mega Man Portrait
Ryu Portrait
Goku Portrait
Baxter Portrait
Yang Portrait

Story and SettingEdit

Everything takes place in an all on ficitional world were all characters from their respective companies such as Nintendo and Capcom come in one brawl to see who stands out the best game character ever. Minor Fan-made Characters also make a appearance in the crossover as well. minor anime characters also join in the game. Finally a few movie characters will make it in the game.


Timeline of the Video Game All Star Fighting 2K16 Wikia.
Event Date Notes
Site launch September 25th, 2015 The Wikia launches. At this time, it has information on Mario, Link and Mega Man. At this time, they're only shown because in the Upcomming WWE2K16 video game coming out in October, The battle begins this holiday!
Facebook Page October 5th, 2015 Due to problems from the wiki community about a "Website Error" and Editing was locked. The Official Facebook page happened instead, but it also revealed A secret newcomer. You can see it here The Official Page!
Reveal of Baxter October 6th, 2015 His Reveal was originally going to be on October 5th, however because of wikia troubling, he was delayed on October 6th. This was to commemorate the release of Fireball All Star VS+, Another fighting game made by Fireball Studios.
Reveal of Goku October 11th, 2015

The reveal occured for the upcomming release of "Dragon Ball: Extreme Butōden" for the Nintendo 3DS.

Reveal of Ryu and Sonic October 20th, 2015 Both of their reveals is to commeronate the 2016 release of Street Fighter V and Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice on the Playstation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.
Reveal of Yang Xiao Long October 21st, 2015 Yang's reveal was to commemorate the release of RWBY Vol 3. and her victory win over Tifa Lockhart in Screwattack's DeathBattle. Yang is also the last character to be revealed in before the game's release and Video Game All Star Fighting 2K16 officially gets bought on the Holiday.
WWE2K16 is Out! October 27th, 2015 WWE 2K16 has been officially released. Be expected for a big arrival of the finalized roster by revealing one at a time.


  • Similar to Smash Bros. series and other fighting games, it's all wrestling and fighting.