Weight determines how much damage a character is knocked back by, if damage is constant. Weight also determines dash speed, as well as falling speed. Weight classes are only truly present in All WWE Games; though some characters jump on turn buckles and fall at different heights. Some characters can go on the turnbuckle (Cruiserweights, Light Heavyweights and Heavyweights), However Super Heavyweights cannot go ontop of turnbuckles. Weight also determines the character's rising after taking too much damage.

Types of Weight ClassesEdit

  • Cruiserweight:  Characters who fit into this category are knocked back farther than middleweights and heavyweights and are relatively easy to KO than most characters.
  • Light Heavyweight: Characters who fit into this category are not as easy to KO as much as pure lightweights, but are easier to KO than middleweights.
  • Heavyweight: Characters who fit into this category are characters who are harder to KO than middleweights, but are easier to KO than pure heavyweights.
  • Super Heavyweight: Characters who fit into this category are knocked back shorter by attacks then other characters who are middleweights or lightweights. They are relatively hard to KO most of the time in comparison to other weight classes.


After WWE 2K14's Weight mode when making a CAW, Weight is a concept that can be described as how difficult it is to knock down your opponents. It is considered an advantage for characters to be heavy due to how hard they are to KO. However, the disadvantage is that characters who are heavy are most susceptible to horizontal combos and chain grabs. Lighter characters have the advantage of being less susceptible to combos and chain grabs. The disadvantage is that they are more easier to KO.

Weight Classes in VG All Star Fighting 2K16Edit

Character Weight Weight Class
Mario 98 Light Heavyweight
Link 104 Heavyweight
Mega Man 102 Heavyweight
Baxter 83 Light Heavyweight
Goku 102 Heavyweight
Ryu 103 Heavyweight
Sonic 95 Light Heavyweight
Yang Xiao Long 87 Light Heavyweight


  • Baxter was going to be a Cruiserweight, however suprisenly he surpassed it to a Light Heavyweight.