Yang Xiao Long
Universe RWBY
Debut Yellow Trailer
Ring Name Yang
Billed From Parts Unknown
Company Rooster Teeth
Character Stats (out of )
Weight Heavyweight
Walk Speed 85/100
Dash Speed 90/100
Signature and Finisher
Signature TBA
Finisher TBA
Tier Rank
Tier B (25)
Yang Portrait
"I still want to know what happened to my mother and why she left me, but I will never let that search control me."

Yang Xiao Long is one of the main protagonists from RWBY. Yang's appearance is based off from her official apperances from the RWBY series. She's also the only one to be revealed in after a Death Battle and the final character to be revealed in the early stages of the character reveal, leaving some other characters not revealed being so in the game only.

In the RWBY SeriesEdit

Yang Xiao Long is one of the main characters and the fifth character introduced in RWBY. Her weapon of choice is a pair of Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets, Ember Celica. She made her appearance on June 1st, 2013 at A-Kon in Dallas during the premiere of the "Yellow" Trailer, in which she interrogates Junior Xiong for information, and later fights him and his henchmen at his club.

In Video Game All Star Fighting 2K16Edit


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